Living in Retroland…

Get ready for the ultimate LO-FI experience! With Omnisphere’s famous “Retroland” category becoming a major hit with producers, we decided it was time to develop an entire Sonic Extension dedicated to these iconic sounds. With the ultra-vibey new Unclean FX and a gigantic variety of over 2,000 sounds, Unclean Machine™ is the perfect sauce for getting those nostalgic feels cooking!

  • A tour de force by Retroland master Tolga Gurpinar
  • Exclusive new “Unclean Channel” lo-fi channel strip effect!
  • Exclusive new “Unclean Verb” retro reverb/ambience effect!
  • Over 2,000 sounds with tons of character and attitude
  • Immense variety with 17 different sound categories
  • Playable classics and phrases that feel lifted from vintage vinyl
  • Unique Custom Controls for every patch for experimentation
  • Highly creative and fresh, rhythmic arpeggiator patches
  • Features over 200 new multisampled soundsources
  • Lo-Fi Keys, Bells, Pads, Guitars, Strings, Basses, and much more…
  • Requires Omnisphere 2.8 or higher

About the Artisan

Artisan Ignacio Longo designing sounds
As Spectrasonics Director of Design, Tolga Gurpinar is a quintessential example of the modern creative artist/designer. Extraordinarily versatile, Tolga is equally gifted in multiple fields – morphing disciplines as a visual artist, graphic designer, web architect, photographer, sound designer, recording artist (iloyd), videographer and software interface designer. At Spectrasonics, Tolga wears many hats including overseeing the user interface development of all of the company’s award-winning instruments, as well as contributing his unique sonic voice to the Sound Development team. After all, he’s the creator of “In Memorium” and many other iconic sounds in Omnisphere!