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Omnisphere 2.8 or higher must be installed and authorized in your Spectrasonics user account in order to purchase and use Sonic Extensions.

Who's behind Sonic Extensions?

Sonic Extensions™ is a new brand of innovative products created by Spectrasonics, that introduces a completely new experience for Omnisphere.

The core leadership team from Spectrasonics is:

Eric Persing - Founder/Creative Director

Lorey Persing - Co-Founder

Ignacio Longo - Vice President

Tolga Gurpinar - Director of Design

Seth Norman - Sonic Extensions Director

John Martin - Chief Marketing Officer

Matt Stabile - Software Manager

Many more great people from the amazing Spectrasonics team contribute to supporting Sonic Extensions too!

What is a Sonic Extension?

Each Sonic Extension focuses on a specific aesthetic with Next Level Sounds, purpose-built Custom Controls, and two exclusive new Effects - which can be used on anything inside Omnisphere.

Not only does each one have a vast array of stunning new sounds, but also brand new ways of interacting with them, like their unique interface of Custom Controls. They also have an amazing new feature called Scenes, which gives you inspiring sonic variations within one patch.

What does "officially supported by Spectrasonics" mean?


As a Sonic Extensions customer, you automatically receive free technical support from Spectrasonics, and your purchases are fully integrated into your Spectrasonics User Account.


For maximum convenience, all Sonic Extensions are fully integrated into the Spectrasonics Smart Update system, making it very easy to automatically keep up to date on all improvements and additions we make to your Sonic Extensions.


Every Sonic Extension is developed in coordination with the Spectrasonics Team, which means that it is fully tested and designed according to the latest specifications for Omnisphere. Each sound is also fully tagged and continuously revised to keep up to date with Spectrasonics current official guidelines for perfect integration with the Omnisphere browser.

Why is the total number of sounds so much higher than the number of patches?

Each Sonic Extension Patch includes five unique Scenes we've created, which are really different sounds in their own right - so you can think of each patch as having multiple patches in one! The total number of sounds listed includes the amount of patches, scenes, and new soundsources in that Sonic Extension.

Purchasing Questions

Where can I buy Sonic Extensions?

Sonic Extensions are available for purchase exclusively from the Sonic Extensions Shop.

How do I buy Omnisphere 2 so I can use Sonic Extensions?

If you don't have Omnisphere 2 yet, we highly recommend buying the physical boxed version - which includes a fast USB drive for quick installations - available through the Spectrasonics Authorized Resellers network.

Can I buy the Sonic Extensions Effects separately?

No. In each Sonic Extension, the two exclusive new effects units are integrated with the library of sounds. They are not sold separately, however they can be installed separately.

Is there a demo version I can try?

Although there are not demo/trial versions available, we highly recommend checking out all the videos, demos and information here on the website. Exploring these will help you make an informed purchase.

I lost my download! Do I have to buy it again?

No worries! Your purchased Sonic Extensions are all registered in your Spectrasonics User Account. You can download them again if needed by using the REINSTALL tab.

What is your Return Policy?

Due to the nature of electronic delivery products, returns/refunds are not available for Sonic Extensions. We strongly encourage you to check out the videos and sound demos for each title to get a better idea of the sounds and features before buying. We have a great deal of media, demos and information here on the website to explore which will help you make an informed purchase.

Technical Questions

Is there a user manual for the Sonic Extensions?

Yes. You can find the Sonic Extensions manual integrated into the Omnisphere Reference Guide. It has more information about the functionality of Sonic Extensions and detailed info about each of the new Sonic Extensions effects.

How do I authorize my Sonic Extension?

After purchasing and installing a new Sonic Extension, Omnisphere must then be re-authorized in order to use it.

Load an instance of Omnisphere, and you will be prompted on the splash screen to authorize Omnisphere to play the new Extensions you have installed. Click AUTHORIZE and follow the on-screen directions to reauthorize Omnisphere to use your new Sonic Extensions.

My drive space is limited. Do I have to install the whole product in order to use the new Effects?

Good news! There are actually two handy options:

    Install Sounds + FX

    Install FX only

You can reinstall either one at any time for maximum flexibility and memory management.

Can I use the Sonic Extension effects as VST/AU/AAX plug-ins in my DAW on audio tracks? Is it possible to use them on my own audio?

The Sonic Extension effects units are integrated into Omnisphere itself, so they currently work only within Omnisphere. However, you CAN import your own audio into Omnisphere by simply drag-dropping standard WAV/AIFF audio files onto the interface. Once the audio is imported, you can use any of the Sonic Extension effects on the imported audio!

Licensing Questions

Is the license agreement for Sonic Extensions different than Omnisphere?

No. Sonic Extensions have the same License Agreement terms as our standard Omnisphere license agreement. Check out all the Licensing FAQs.

What is your License Transfer Policy for Sonic Extensions?

The vast majority of sample libraries and sample-based software products on the market do not allow license transfers of any kind. While we do not allow the transfer of licenses of individual Sonic Extensions, all purchased Sonic Extensions you own can be transferred along with an approved Omnisphere license transfer. Please contact for more details.

Can I resell Sonic Extensions used to someone else?

Not unless they are being sold as part of an approved Omnisphere license transfer that Spectrasonics is facilitating. Individual Sonic Extensions cannot be resold or transferred to another user.

If I transfer my Omnisphere license, will the licenses for my Sonic Extensions purchases go to the new license owner?


If you have questions about obtaining an Omnisphere license transfer or about the limitations of license-transferred versions of Omnisphere, please contact Spectrasonics directly at